According to the definition of United Nations Committee of Environment and Development dated 1987, “Humanity has the ability to sustain development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Our major quality certificates,

▪ K-Q TSE-ISO-EN 9000
▪ Ç-E TSE-ISO-EN 14000
▪ 2451-CPR-EN1090-2014.0956.001
▪ DVS ZERT-EN1090-2-SZ-2014.0041.001
▪ DIN EN ISO 3834-2


As BASÖZ ENERJİ A.Ş., one of the pioneers in the production of steel construction and all types of hot dip galvanizing. Our main principle is to prevent environmental pollution risks at the source, protect the environment, biodiversity by reducing climate changes, ecosystem protection and continuous improvement and development by keeping customer satisfaction and environmental sensitivity at the forefront, by doing all the work we do at the right time, once and in the best way.

According to our main principle, we specify objectives for our company’s quality and environment targets and plan the activities required. To achieve these goals, minimizing the negative environmental impacts and wastes of all processes; we provide the necessary resources by carrying out the activities related to these processes with a full team work by complying with all local, national and international regulations, standards and other conditions.

In order to ensure our customers' long-term loyalty and satisfaction, to increase our market share and profitability, we strive to expand our product range by controlling our costs and to use all of our resources in the most efficient manner.

Our Quality and Environmental Management System gives importance to the satisfaction of our employees and accepts the importance of education in order to ensure the formation of quality and environmental awareness for their development and to expand the team spirit.

We are committed to continuous improvement with the belief that we can do better by keeping people's satisfaction in the foreground with an understanding that respects the environment and people.


As BAŞÖZ ENERJİ A.Ş., one of the leading companies in steel construction production and all kinds of hot dipped galvanization production; we prioritize environmental sensitivity and occupational health & safety, and commit to

▪ Conform to all local, national and international regulations, standards and other conditions in our activities,

▪ Develop systems to minimize our loss during any accident or emergency situation that may occur during our activities,

▪ Develop our Health and Safety performance,

▪ Ensure occupational health and safety understanding of our employees in order to be successful and achieve our objectives,

We are committed to constantly improve ourselves with an approach that prioritizes respect to the environment and humanity as a principle, and to the belief that we can do better.